Leave of Absence Management

Ensure compliance and protect your employees

LoA Management services take the hassle out of tracking and administering leave benefits, and protect you from the fines and lawsuits of noncompliance

Employees who must take a leave of absence due to medical or other issues are already a disruption to your operations, but that’s just the start. These unfortunate incidents also increase the workload for employees, since you must now track and report absences to comply with various province-level laws. Failure to do so will result in incorrect benefits, fines, Labour Programme investigation, and poor outcomes when an employee returns.

Prosper HR is well-versed in all applicable labour laws and has people with the expertise to ensure your LoAs are as minimally disruptive as possible. We’ll handle everything for you, from taking employee reports to dealing with the government to preparing your company for the employee’s return. LoAs are difficult times for all involved, so make sure yours have minimal impact on your business with help from Prosper.

Is an LoA the right course of action? How long should it be? Who do I report to and how? What benefits are employees entitled to? Get these answers and any others you need by partnering with Prosper

Prosper HR will handle every aspect of your employees’ LoAs, including:
  • Complex/Intermittent leaves
  • Internal and external leave reporting and documenting
  • Legal requirements and compliance responsibilities
  • Coordinating services and benefits
  • Leave policy creation
  • Productivity maintenance
  • Employee return preparation
  • And many more