On-/Off-Site HR Support

General HR services to keep your business running smoothly no matter where it is

Prosper will deliver the support you need in the manner you prefer: remotely via the cloud or locally at your business

Whether your business has 10 or 100 employees, they need day-to-day HR support so they can focus on their work, address their workplace concerns, manage their compensation, and much more. Traditionally, you would have to hire at least one HR staff member to conduct these day-to-day operations, but now you can outsource these tasks to a specialist. Better still, with modern technology, your HR personnel don’t even need to be present at your business to perform their duties.

Prosper HR offers ongoing support that’s flexible in its delivery. Need someone to come in a few days a week to handle your staff’s needs? We can do that. Need someone to handle repetitive computer-based tasks to take the pressure off your HR department? No problem. We know every business is different, so Prosper tailors our HR support to meet your unique needs and goals.

Prosper HR’s professional consultants can provide most HR services remotely to save you time and money, or come to you if your business requires a personal touch

Prosper HR has the expertise and experience to handle:
  • Staying abreast of employment regulations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Employee support and counselling
  • Insurance enrollment and management
  • Incentive program management
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Performance evaluations
  • And much more