Payroll/Benefit Administration

Free up valuable time by letting the experts handle the paperwork

Tired of the tedium? Prosper HR will perform the administrative tasks for payroll, taxation, insurance, CPP, and more so you can focus on the important work

While vital to a company’s survival, payroll and benefits administration is a repetitive and time-consuming task. It is a significant burden for small HR departments, and worse so for companies that have no such department. Furthermore, inexperienced or overworked employees making payroll, tax, and benefit calculations often make mistakes, which cause trouble with both employees and the government.

Fortunately, outsourcing payroll duties is a common and effective measure to free up time and prevent mistakes, and Prosper does this exceptionally well. Our HR professionals will ensure that all your employees receive what they are entitled to and the government gets the taxes and reports it demands — all on time and error-free. You’ll have a happy workforce, minimal risk, and best of all, a lot more time to put towards growth and innovation.

Whether you need payroll dispensing, benefit administration, tax withholding consulting, government reporting, pension management, or all of the above, Prosper’s services can be customised to your company’s needs

Prosper HR will save you time and headache by handling:
  • Managing employee pay and tax withholding calculations
  • Setting up time-saving processes such as automatic direct deposits
  • Tracking and paying out employee benefits
  • Filing government required reports and making payroll tax payments
  • CPP withholding and pension management
  • And much more