Performance Management

Company success relies on workforce performance

With Prosper HR’s help, you’ll learn not only the degree of your workforce’s performance at the individual and organisational levels, but also how to improve it

Your profitability is tied directly to your productivity, which in turn is dependent on employee performance. Knowing how well your employees and teams are performing in their roles is vital to addressing inefficiencies and low productivity, but it’s only step one. To stay competitive, you need to ensure that employees’ roles are suited to their abilities, roles are clearly defined, your metrics are clear and attainable, and much more. Prosper HR can help with all of this.

We’ll help you determine your performance targets, if employees are meeting them, if your organisational structure is effective, what roles employees are best suited for, and what to do with all of this information. Our performance managers will also assist with creating procedures that enable regular, simple, objective feedback as well as performance coaching to help employees meet their goals. This way, you’ll know where your performance weaknesses are, and you’ll have actionable information and guidance on how to fix them.

Identify employee strengths and align their roles, create data-driven performance metrics, define root causes of poor performance, promote and monitor skill growth, and more with Performance Management from Prosper HR

With Performance Management services from Prosper, you get:
  • Performance monitoring and management systems for teams and individuals of every role
  • Leadership and management coaching, skills development training, career advisory support, and other performance improvement measures
  • Succession planning programs
  • Regular reports with accurate, fair, and actionable performance information
  • Well-defined performance metrics to better understand the progress of your company goals and mission