Policy Creation

Industry-leading best practices for a more productive workforce

Prosper HR will create or revise your HR policies and procedures so you’re better equipped to support your workforce and maintain compliance with regulations

Guidelines on employee behaviour and employer/employee relationships are difficult to create, because every business is different and there is no official handbook that tells you how. But having these HR policies and procedures in place is a must for creating a positive, productive, and confident workplace. Without them, employers risk unhappy employees and higher litigation risk.

Prosper HR consultants will help you draft effective policies with our broad industry expertise and library of compliance best practices that we’ll tailor to your business. We’ll also help you create literature on your new policies and disseminate it to your employees, ensuring they are kept in the loop. Your employees will be empowered to work confidently and productively, knowing there are mechanisms in place to address their problems and clarify company protocol.

Clear workplace policies help raise morale, retain talent, prevent incidents and litigation, and keep employees focused on work — ensure yours are up to current standards with Prosper HR’s help

With new policies and procedures from Prosper HR, you get:
  • Detailed yet easy-to-understand practices that are communicated professionally and tailored to your company
  • Employee training on new policies and satisfaction reporting
  • Fully compliant procedures and rules in line with your industry’s leaders
  • Literature, such as an employee handbook, to provide to your workforce
  • Clear guidelines on employee/employer rights and a signable agreement that prevents litigation and protects stakeholders