Get the right people into the right seats

Best-fit employees can take a business to the next level — we’ll help you find yours without the hassle or steep headhunting fees

Most business leaders have a horror story of the job applicant who seemed like a good hire and turned out to be an awful employee. This outcome can be avoided by finding the right candidates for your open positions, but that can take a lot of your time or be prohibitively expensive if you use a headhunter. Partner with Prosper, however, and we will offer you a more useful and cost-effective alternative.

Instead of simply supplying you with a list of names like a recruitment firm, Prosper works with you to streamline and improve your recruitment process and takes care of time-consuming tasks. You’ll get in-depth, tailored support to ensure you acquire and retain top talent that fits your business’s needs, culture, and goals. Prosper will be with you every step of the way, from establishing selection criteria to conducting onboarding procedures.

Lower your risk, increase your ROI, and reinvigorate your business with fresh talent by partnering with Prosper HR for Recruitment Services

Prosper provides as many or as few recruitment services you need, including:
  • Role definition and job description drafting
  • Sourcing strategy consulting
  • Advertising and job posting
  • Selection criteria creation
  • Candidate screening and shortlisting
  • Background and reference checking
  • Hiring decision support
  • Offer of employment drafting and compensation negotiation
  • Onboarding support
  • And many more