Termination Support

End employment with the best possible outcome for all involved

Prosper HR will be with you every step of the way, from investigation to severance distribution, to ensure smooth terminations with no litigation

A termination isn't easy for anyone. If handled improperly, it can damage your business far worse than the problem it was intended to fix. Without an HR professional to carry out the process, you risk needlessly harming the terminated individual and exposing your company to lawsuits and government sanctions. There are many moving parts in the termination process and a lot of room for error, so don’t leave it in inexperienced hands.

To help you ensure that everything goes smoothly, Prosper HR offers Termination Support services remotely or on-site as needed, and we cover every step in the process. We’ll start by determining if termination is the best course of action, then work with you to help limit your liability, ensure your employee’s smooth transition, complete post-termination safety precautions, and much more.

Ensure your company experiences minimal disruption after a termination and protect yourself from lawsuits and government action with Prosper’s Termination Support

Prosper HR’s Termination Support assists you with:
  • Reviewing termination circumstances to determine the best course of action
  • Generating liability-limiting paperwork
  • Assembling a termination packet for the employee (termination letter, benefits information, etc.)
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Preparing your company for the reduction in workforce
  • Creating a checklist for the post-termination process
  • And much more