Workplace Investigations

Expert, independent, and impartial mediation

Prosper HR will get to the bottom of any workplace incident quickly and respectfully and ensure the best possible outcome for all parties

New laws are regularly enacted to protect employees in the workplace, so incident investigations have grown in complexity and risk. Without thorough and unbiased workplace arbitration, you risk government penalties, litigation, and a sharp drop in workforce morale. But with a skilled investigator, you can protect your company and your employees while ensuring the incident isn’t repeated.

Prosper HR’s workplace investigators have examined countless employee complaints and helped both parties achieve satisfactory results. Using well-honed interview techniques and a strong understanding of labour law, we’ll earn both sides’ trust and ensure that any investigation is both fair and perceived as fair. All outcomes will be as beneficial as possible, and follow-up reporting and recommendations will help prevent repeat incidents.

A swift and confidential workplace investigation by a skilled and respected third party like Prosper HR will reassure all stakeholders and minimise disruption

Prosper HR has the expertise to successfully complete workplace investigations regarding:
  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace harassment/violence/bullying
  • Policy violations
  • Hostile work environments
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Abuse of power
  • Failure to accommodate
  • Code of conduct violations
  • And many more